MIDORICON is go! Here’s the scoop!

Private Cosplay Photoshoots

I am Staff Photographer for Midoricon.
Slots are VERY limited and availability is subject to change. Please be flexible with your time requests! Thanks!

I am offering five shoots. Two on Friday, two on Saturday, one on Sunday. I can’t guarantee times until the official schedule comes out, but will do my VERY best to make a schedule that works for everyone!

Book your shoot here!

Photobooth/ Public Shoots

I am still working with the con chairs to figure out exactly how this will work, but we are planning on having some kind of fixed location where I can do quick shots of everybody’s costumes for a couple of hours Friday and Saturday! (First come, first served.)

MY PANELS (times pending)

  • Better Photos in 5 Minutes
    Photography panel. This is an expanded version of my Better in 5 tutorial, complete with audience participation and live posing assistance in the great outdoors! (Weather permitting)

    Also candy. You guys like candy, right? ^_^

  • Kakurenbo/ Otokoyo - A game of hide and seek! They say that those who play it never come back… (Stay tuned, I may be calling out for demon volunteers! >:D)