Exciting News - I have a STORE! You can now get prints from your photoshoots! Yay!

CTgraphy Print Shop

Right now, the prints are being sold only to the original clients. (And yes, I will check!)

Photos are available starting from January (Ohayocon) 2010 - present date. It’s mainly for cosplay shoots, but if there’s a non-human image of mine you’d like (from CT365, Urban Exploration, etc.), shoot me a message!

“How do I select a photo?”

Buy the print size you want. After ordering, you’ll receive a link. Click it and fill out the information on the shot you want. Easy!

“How long will it take to be delivered?”

Please allow 14 - 21 business days.

“Is there a minimum/ maximum?”

Nope! But if you order more then one, shipping is a flat $3.00. :)

“I have another question!”

Send an e-mail my way - ctgraphy@ gmail.com!

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