It’s time for ANIMANIACS!

Abra, Victor, and friend as Yakko, Wakko, and Dot

A&G Ohio 2012

Ah, Animaniacs. What a great show - hilarious, intelligent, and full of life lessons. (“Never ask what hot dogs are made of.”) There was nothing so difficult in life which couldn’t be overcome with your siblings and a well-timed anvil. It was pure fun. My family wore the videotapes to pieces and gleefully memorized all the songs (I call still sing The Presidents start to finish.)

Finding the Warner Brothers (AND the Warner Sister!) at A&G made my day!

And then we all had a singalong (Baton Rouge Louisiana, Indianapolis Indiana, and Columbus is the capitol of O-HI-O!)

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    There are reasons I need to move back to Ohio. This is one.
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